Fly Fishing with Nymphs

Fly Fishing with Nymphs
Fly Fishing with Nymphs

Fly Fishing with Nymphs

Fly fishing with nymphs allow for great fishing year round as the majority of a trout’s diet consists of feeding on insects and terrestrial beneath the surface.

While the sport of fly fishing really started with dry fly fishing (the act of fishing with a fly on the surface of the water) depending on the climate and streams in your area trout and other species may only feed on the surface a minimal portion of the time.  While is often exciting to see a trout take the dry fly off the surface if that is the only presentation in your back pocket its likely you will come up empty more times than not.  Fly fishing with nymphs can also be referred to as fishing with wet flies there are many different techniques to present your fly, a few include indicator nymphing, swinging, and tight lining.

Each of the techniques involve different approaches on how to best place and present the fly based on the streams features and the current trout behavior.  Each have their pros and cons which might be the difference between a successful day and an unsuccessful day.  I would high recommend taking some time to focus on each of these tactics one at a time to prefect it then move on to the next.  After committing the time to have a deep understanding of each one and when the worked and didn’t work.  You’ll be able to go out and enjoy fly fishing in almost every type of condition.  Not just when the hatch is out and you can get lucky on the dry fly.

Here are a few resource to help with each of the different techniques.

    –Swing Nymphs

    – Indicator Fishing

    – Tight Line Nymphing

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