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I first started out fly fishing when I was 12 years old.  My dad and I spent most of our time fishing at the lake or the streams with spinning gear.  Then one Christmas I unwrapped a K-Mart fly reel and rod combo (I still use this rod and reel from time to time).  From there I started doing some sort of combination of bait and fly fish which eventually took some form of what people thing of as fly fishing.  Now today I enjoy tying flies, building rods, and introducing friends to the sport.

Everyone says that fly fishing is complicated but it really is as complicated as you want to make it.  I know a lot of elitist’s would say you need to spend big on your first step up but that’s not true.  It can be as simple as a pair of waders and a combo rod and reel for a big box store.  Or spending years and a small fortune figuring out the exact setup you enjoy for each situation.

For most situations a 9 foot 5 weight (wt.) rod is the best starter rod.  I have used my 5 weight rods for just about every type of water and fish in my area.  From small native Brook Trout where a trophy is 5 inches to Great Lake steelhead pushing over 30 inches.  Outside of trout fishing the 5wt is great for bass fishing unless our using some heaver top water or streamers while targeting them.

For additional information on basic fly fishing rod terminology check out this link for information on fly rod weight, length, and action.

While I always recommend supporting your local fly shop (you can search for the closest one down below) as they can also introduce you to terminology and the pros and cons for each option. However for your first rod there are a lot of affordable combo packages at the big box stores such as the Redington CrosswaterOrvis Encounter, and Orvis Clearwater

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